A Location with More

More variety. More convenience. More access. Less Traffic.
Perfectly located just outside of Sendai, Japan, WINEstudios is a retreat from urban congestion, with space for creativity to breathe.

More direct
access to the east

Located less than 90 minutes north of Tokyo, WINEstudios has easy access to bullet trains, regional trains and an international airport. Making it your ideal homebase for all of Eastern Asia.

More options for whatever you want to capture

WINEstudios is 30 minutes from the ocean, 20 minutes from the mountains, and 15 minutes from a vibrant city with over one million people. And if you are looking for traditional Japanese countryside or rice fields, those are practically in our back yard.

More options for your downtime

If you’re lucky enough to find time to relax, you’ll have quick access to authentic Japanese experiences with plenty of local entertainment.

A Space Designed to Inspire

Everything your production needs to come together.
Everything your ideas need to come to life.

A studio environment
inspired by the environment

Too often, studio spaces can feel cold and technical. That’s why we set out to create something different. A space that would energize the creative spirit. Simply step inside our unique campus and you are surrounded by stone, wood, and an abundance of natural light. Our studio captures this serene and peaceful aesthetic and pulls the countryside through this naturally creative space.

All your tools and space,
all in one place

For creativity to truly blossom, it needs room to roam. That’s why we created a space that lets creative minds explode without limits. Green screen, edit bays, sound booths, hair and makeup rooms. Plus a 14,000 square-foot soundproof studio space with a full lighting grid. Everything you need for all your production needs.